0% APR Car Deals | Zero Percent Financing on Cars

Finding 0% APR Car Deals on the Web

Zero interest car deals are offered via dealerships which work with automaker finance companies. For these companies, selling cars is as important as the profit made from granting auto loans, whereas for banks and credit unions there is no incentive whatsoever to offer 0% financing; after all these lending institutions make their money off of the interest-rate.

So to get 0% APR car deals you need to go to the right dealer. But how do you know which ones are offering these promotions currently? Is there some database? Or must you rely solely on trekking from dealer to dealer on your weekend, or being lucky enough to catch an advertisement on the TV or radio marketing zero interest or low-interest rate auto finance?

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A much smarter and easier approach is to use the web to your best advantage. By visiting a website which specializes in connecting dealers to shoppers who want the lowest rates possible, such as 0% Interest Car Loans, you can let Internet technology do the work, matching your credit application to dealers in real time who are willing to extend credit at 0% to 0.9% rates of interest. The process of applying takes less than five minutes typically, sometimes less. There's nothing to lose. If you cannot be matched, then he cannot be matched. And you can take the longer road to finding a 0% financing deal on your terms.

Note that having the best credit score possible, and a credit report free of inaccuracies that could look bad, is key to qualifying for the great deal that is zero percent auto financing.